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The word Sara is derived from the Hindi word “सारा” which means Everything ( सारा सबकुछ )... In Sara Finance, we actually fund every thing under the Sun, and that’s why the name Sara Finance.
25 years of experience
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With the help of Sara Finance, the clients have consistently benefited with best terms in CC / OD / LAP / HL / Unsecured Loans and Machinery Loans. From 1 Crores to 100 Crores we fund all kind of Businesses and all kind of Loans.

The Core Strength of Sara Finance is derived from the very sound understanding of Credit Risk of its Promoter CA Bhuvan Singhi. CA Bhuvan Singhi has a very sound academic background.

Success Stories

At Sara Finance, we take pride in helping our clients achieve their financial goals and dreams. Over the years, we have had the privilege of working with individuals and businesses from diverse backgrounds.
Transco Logistix
is a Freight Forwarding Company owned by Mr.Frank Samson

Turnover: Company Started the operations in August 2022 and Till March 2023,
Company did a turnover of 9.89 Crores.
Sun Steel Impex
is a Mazgaon Based Trader of Steel

Turnover: 32 Crores in 2019 to 20 Crores in 2020 to 13 Crores in 2021
But in 2022 it is back to 30 Crores.
Bombay Trading Syndicate
Nimesh Mehta runs a firm in the name of Bombay Trading Syndicate

Turnover: 16 Crores.
Mr.Sunil Gupta
is a Co-founder and CEO of Yotta Data Centres.

He was looking for a 7.50 Crores of Home Loan.
Shri Suresh Jain
is a very well respected figure in the Gold Jewelry Industry of Mumbai

Running a Jewelry Set Up in the name of New Madras Jewellers at Sion, which is 65 years old and still retaining all of their old and new clients.
Govt Contractor
Requirement: 3.50 Crores of Unsecured Loans

Turnover: was just 7 Crores but he has got huge orders allocated for which he needed money.
V P Pack
is the Vasai Based Industrial Printer who does the printing on the Packaging.

Turnover: Rising - from 3.50 Crores in 2020 to 4.25 Crores in 2021 and around 6 Crore plus in 2022.
Zero Mass
Company is one of the Largest Banking Correspondent to SBI.

Turnover: March 2018: 73 Crores / PAT: 7 Crores
2019: 97 Crores / PAT: 15 Crores.

Top 6 Reasons To Choose SARA Finance

High Approval Ration
Fast Turnaround Time
Competitive Rate of Interest
Transparent & Genuine Advisory
Multiple Banks To Choose
Post Disbursement Handholding
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What We Serve

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  • Credit Guarantee Scheme
  • Machinery Loans From SIDBI
  • Stand Up INDIA
  • Mudra Loans
  • Working Capital Finance
  • Unsecured Business Loans

Credit Guarantee Scheme

CGTMSE stands for Credit Guarantee Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises. CGTMSE was set up by Government of India and SIDBI to boost the credit support to Micro and Small Enterprises.

Recently Government of India has modified Credit Guarantee Scheme in a very favorable way for the businesses in India. Under the new guidelines which came into effect from 1st April 2023, the businessmen in India can avail the Collateral Free Loans Up to 5 Crores, where in, the Government will give guarantee to cover 75% of loss of Bank, in case for any reason the Loan becomes a Bad Loan or an NPA.

We have a very successful track record of delivering the collateral free credit guarantee scheme. Here are our key USPs:

1. Very High Approval Ratio (90% plus)

2. Faster Turnaround Time (10 to 15 Working Days)

3. Very Competitive Rate of Interest (9-10% p.a.)

Machinery Loan

The main objective of SIDBI is to promote the Manufacturing Activities of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. And to achieve that SIDBI gives hosts of benefits to the borrowers.

Key Benefits of SIDBI Loans:

1. Collateral Free Loans (No Additional Security in the form of Land, Building or LIC Policies)

2. No CGT Premium

3. One of the Lowest Rate of Interest (Currently, the ROI is as low as 7.50% per annum), which is Repo Rate (6.50%) plus the Spread of 1%

Stand Up India

If such borrower starts a business, loan up to 1 Crore can be granted under Stand Up India scheme in which No Collateral is Required because the government is directly giving guarantee to the Bank on behalf of the client.

Upto 6 months of starting the business can be covered in this scheme. And both Term Loan and OD Limit is provided in Stand Up India.

Under Stand Up India scheme, three categories of borrowers are covered:

1. Borrowers from Scheduled Class.

2. Borrowers from Scheduled Tribe.

3. Women Borrowers.

Mudra Loans

For small businesses with turnover up to 30-40 Lakhs, it may be worthwhile to give loans under Mudra Scheme. This is also one of the Government Guaranteed Scheme, where loans up to 10 Lakhs is guaranteed directly by Govt of India.

Under Mudra Loan both term loans and OD limits are available. The ROI of Mudra Loan is higher than CGTMSE Loans but where the business size is smaller, we recommend to do such loans under Mudra Scheme.

Working Capital Finance

Every Business which has to carry inventory or give credit to its clients would need working capital finance. We specialize into working capital finance and arrange different kind of working capital funding to suit business requirements.

For some businesses, OD suits Better than CC, whereas in some businesses CC is better. In some situation, LC based limit is much more cost effective than drawing CC. Since we are expert in the subject matter, we can find more cost effective solutions to the client, which he might be missing because of lack of expertise.

Unsecured Business Loans

Our Promoter CA Bhuvan Singhi was National Credit Head of Unsecured Business Loans in Kotak Mahindra Bank and because of his rich experience in Unsecured Business Loan, he has done many turnaround proposals.

Unsecured Business Loans are 36 months repayable, EMI Based Loans. These are easy to get and comfortable to repay if you have a profitable business purpose. The Rate of Interest in this product varies from 14 to 21% and the Median Rate is 18%. Apart from this, there is a Processing Fees of 2% and also the Credit Cover Cost of 1-1.50%.

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Top Questions Asked To Us

  • Can You Arrange Collateral Free Funds for the Start Up business which was launched in just last 1 year?

    Yes, we have done this for many clients.

  • Can you do Loan Approvals and Disbursements in less than 10 Days?

    Yes, In a New to Bank Proposals (Non Take Over) with CGT Cover, we generally give approvals in 5-7 working days.

  • Can you do Loans at any locations in India?

    Not all Locations but we cater to more than 25 Locations in India through our Network Partners.

  • Can you do Loan, Double the value of collateral?

    Yes, if the financial eligibility supports, we can do up to 5 times the collateral value with or without CGT Cover.

  • Can you do Loan of the borrower whose Financial Ratios are not Good?

    Yes, we have done such loans. But we will need higher collateral coverage to cover the additional risk.

  • Can you do Loan of the borrower with Negative Capital & Reserves?

    Yes, we have done such loans. But we would need a proper justification on the negative capital and end use of the money he proposes to borrow.

  • Can you do Loan of the borrower whose CIBIL is less than 700?

    Yes, we can do such proposals but we will not do it under collateral free schemes. Also, we will analyze the reasons for past default and make an assessment on the basis of recent improved repayment capacity.

  • Can you do Loans of the borrower who is in losses?

    Yes, but not all products.

  • Can you do Loans at the Lowest Rates?

    We Always think from the client’s gain point of view. We have more than 40-50 Banks to choose from. So, wherever client is getting best deal, we work out on that option and give him the lowest possible rate.


Awards & Events

At Sara Finance, we believe in keeping our clients informed about the latest developments in the world of finance. Our Events section is your gateway to a world of knowledge, networking, and financial insights.
Kotak Award by Uday Kotak
Kotak Award by Uday Kotak
Deutsche Bank Award by Sunil Gavaskar
Guest speaker at Bombay Chartered Accountant's Society