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Credit Guarantee Loan Schemes

Recently Government of India has modified Credit Guarantee Schemes in a very favorable way for the businesses in India. Under the new guidelines which came into effect from 1st April 2023, the businessmen in India can avail the Collateral Free Loans Up to 5 Crores, where in, the Government will give guarantee to cover 75% of loss of Bank, in case for any reason the Loan becomes a Bad Loan or an NPA.

This is a very good move by Government of India. Because of this scheme, lot of businesses in India, who have good knowledge and skills but were not able to get loans from the Banks, will now be able to get the loan, because the bank's risk of recovery of loan in case of default reduces significantly.

Not only that, the Guarantee Premium has also been reduced drastically to make it more viable for the businesses to run the loans.

Additionally, all the three types of industries are included in this scheme, that is : Manufacturing, Service Industry and Trading. Even in Trading business, retailers, wholesellers and distributors all are now covered.



Our 6 USP'S

We are a professional CA Firm with in depth knowledge and successful track record of delivering the collateral free loans. Here are our key USPs:


Very High Approval Ratio
(90% plus)


Faster Turnaround Time
(10 to 15 Working Days)


Very Competitive Rate of Interest
(9-10% p.a.)


Transparent and Genuine Advisory


Post Disbursement Handholding
for 6 Months


Multiple Banks to choose from

Our Schemes

Best 5 Schemes (Plans)

We can get you the funding solution for your business in following 5 ways

CC Limit under CGT MSE Scheme

  • 25% of Last Year's GST turnover or 25% of Current Year's Annualized GST turnover, whichever is lower, can be granted as a CC Limit
  • Drawing Power needs to be calculated every month based on the Stock Statement
  • Rate of Interest: 9.35% to 9.85% per annum

Loans for Start Ups

  • Stand Up India Scheme for businesses just starting or started in last 6 months
  • Stand Up India Scheme covers SC / ST / Women Entrepreneurs
  • Term Loans and OD Limits both are possible
  • Those borrowers who can not be covered under Stand Up India Scheme, can be looked under CGT MSE Scheme

Loans for Small Businesses
(Mudra Loans)

  • For Clients having Turnover upto 40 Lakhs can be done under Mudra Loan
  • Mudra Loans are available up to 10 Lakhs as upper cap.
  • It can be granted to start up as well as running business
  • It can be granted in OD / CC or Term Loan, as per the requirements of the business

Machinery Term Loan From SIDBI

  • 70% of the Project Cost can be funded as Term Loan
  • Repayment Tenure of 5 Years with 6 months moratorium
  • Rate of Interest: 7.50% to 8.00% per annum
  • No Cost of CGT Premium
  • Processing Fees only 0.50%

OD Limit under CGT MSE Scheme

  • 15-20% of Last 12 month's turnover
  • All key ratios like Current Ratio, Debt Equity, Leverage Ratios, DSCR etc will be calculated
  • Rate of Interest: 10.50% to 12.50% per annum
  • No Stock Statement Required every month


What Our Clients say about us

There are thousands of happy clients who have regularly sent us their formal appreciation by videos and certificates... Here are the few chosen ones!

Transco Logistix World Wide Pvt Ltd. Director, Mr.Samson Frank's

"...CA Bhuvan Singhi Ji is a very highly knowledgeable and Finance expert, who helped us to get a very good Amount of Funding for Start Up Business Like us, at less than 2 digit Rate of Interest...! That too without collateral, under Credit Guarantee Scheme. We got the entire funding in 30-40 days in spite of we have yet to file our first Income Tax Return..."

Sun Steel Impex Vishal Rawal

"...To our surprise, no collateral was taken, and our limit was almost doubled without any collateral and the process was really smooth and speedy...We are really happy with the services of Mr.Bhuvan and his team..."

Bombay Trading Syndicate's Nimesh Shah

"...I was passing through multiple finance problems...But Bhuvan Singhi Sir helped me in a wonderful way and made my finances perfect in a very short span of time. He is a thorough professional and really guided me on how to manage my finances in the correct way..."